E hara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini

My strength is not as an individual, but as a collective


Haere mai and welcome to Bay Conservation Alliance

We hope you will join us in achieving our vision to support ‘Through collaboration the natural ecosystems and indigenous biodiversity of the Bay of Plenty are restored.’

We are fortunate to have a fantastic level of community participation in environmental restoration and nature conservation in the Bay of Plenty, however there is a need to grow our efforts to protect our special taonga.

Bay Conservation Alliance’s role is to support and grow the capability and impact of our communities and partners, to restore and preserve natural ecosystems and indigenous biodiversity.

Our big objective is to see everyone working together to achieve landscape scale nature conservation, which in simple terms means we support the well-being of nature everywhere – our forests, streams, wetlands, harbours, estuaries and coastal areas as well as our own backyards.

Upcoming Events

Supporting conservation through donations

Donation to a nominated group

Bay Conservation Alliance’s member groups rely heavily on grants, sponsorships and donations including from the general public in order to function.

We have developed a donation system where the choice is yours – so you can make a donation towards the group or project or your choice.

To read more about our member groups visit our member groups page

Your full donation will be forwarded directly to your nominated choice.


Not sure who to choose? No problem! Another option is to nominate to Bay Conservation Alliance’s SEED fund and we will select a project or group we know needs support and allocate your donation. By building a SEED fund we can support groups or projects with ad hoc costs that can be addressed faster than undertaking lengthy funding applications.

Thanks in advance for your help!