The Kaharoa Kōkako Trust was formed in 1997 by a group of local residents who wanted to save the few kokako that remained in the area. By reducing the number of pests (possums and ship rats) in the Kaharoa Conservation Area, we have enabled kōkako numbers to grow. The increasing number of kōkako is living proof of how the community can play a vital role in enhancing the environment and this continues to inspire our work today.

The Trust works closely with the Department of Conservation to achieve these successful results.


We work to protect kōkako living in the Kaharoa Conservation Area, near Rotorua.

The importance of increasing Kōkako numbers:

In 1997 there were 26 kōkako counted in the Kaharoa Forest, and the numbers were decreasing due to lack of pest control. When an adult census was conducted in 2006 there were 121 adult kōkako counted, with a large number of juveniles. These numbers are increasing thanks to ongoing pest control. Our latest census in 2015 counted 173 adults, 77 pairs and 19 singles.

The Kaharoa kōkako population is a relic population. It has been used in the past as an important source of birds, for restoring kōkako numbers in other protected local areas. This is an important way of introducing genetic diversity to fragmented populations. Translocations are managed on a national basis by the Kōkako Specialist Group (DOC).

In August 2017, 11 Kaharoa kōkako were translocated to Otanewainuku Forest to boost the number of birds as a population establishes there and a further 9 birds were transferred in August 2018.

How to Help:

There are three keyways you can help us:
1. Make a donation to our “Kōkako Nest Egg”, an investment fund set up to ensure ongoing protection of kōkako at Kaharoa.
2. Help out at our volunteer workdays – the Trust holds regular workdays to conduct track maintenance, pest control and other activities in the Conservation area.
3. Adopt a track – the Adopt-a-track scheme is designed for volunteers who want to conduct track maintenance in their own time.

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