The Kopurererua Valley Rotary Centennial Trust

The Kopurererua Valley Rotary Centennial Trust works alongside Tauranga City Council to help restore the Kopurererua Valley Reserve.

The project is believed to be one of the largest urban wetland restoration projects in Australasia.
Kopurererua Valley is the 360-hectare block of low-lying rural land, running from Judea in the north to Tauriko in the south, it is bordered by the neighbourhoods of Te Reti, Gate Pa, Greerton, Westridge and Cambridge Heights.

Kopurererua Valley features

  • 12 km of walkways and cycleways
  • an eye-catching entranceway to the city including large stands of Kahikatea trees and entrance sculptures
  • an extensive programme of native planting to enhance views and screen the roadway at key locations
  • wetlands and aquatic life
  • passive and active recreational areas.

The site is also rich in history. For many years Kopurererua Valley was inhabited by the people of Ngai Tamarawaho. Remains of pa and other archaeological sites are located throughout the valley.

During the mid-1800s, it was the staging point and retreat path for two significant battles between Maori and British Colonial forces – the Battle of Gate Pa and the Battle of Te Ranga.

There is a restoration plan which sets out the aspirations for the site. Work to date includes:

  • 20 hectares of weed infested land cleared and 15 hectares replanted with more than 200,000 native trees and plants
  • 15km of boardwalks and walkways developed
  • partial stream realignment and creation of several new lakes
  • over 50 community planting days
  • over $2.1 million worth of investment through the Rotary Centennial Trust and in-kind support from City Partners
  • a significant increase in birdlife and biodiversity in the valley in recent years
Four Tauranga Rotary Clubs are currently involved in managing bait lines in the valley under the guidance of Emma Cronin (Bay Conservation Alliance’s Operations Manager for the Western Bay of Plenty).
Tauranga Sunrise Rotary runs an annual community cycling event in the valley: is a fun event for families and groups of friends rather than a series of competitions aimed at promoting awareness of the location and the recreational opportunities it offers. This year that promotion will include environmental challenges and the area’s history.

How to help

Planting is held during the winter months.