Project Parore is the new name for Uretara Estuary Managers, a Katikati-based society formed in 2004 to help clean up the rivers and streams running into the Uretara Estuary and to bring back the native birds.

After receiving funding from Ministry for Environment’s Freshwater Improvement Fund in 2018, Project Parore have been working with Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and local landowners to address water quality and biodiversity issues. Project Parore is a community approach to environmental stewardship across eight of the catchments in the northern Tauranga Harbour.


Raise awareness and increase involvement in the protection and restoration of land, waterway and harbour habitats including:

  • Alignment with primary sector groups to encourage broad-scale land use change, supporting landowners to adopt industry-agreed Good Management Practice and the creation and implementation of Land Environment Plans.
  • Encouraging native birdlife along the river and coastal walkways in Katikati by baiting for rodents and mustelids during the nesting season.
  • Working with Western Bay of Plenty District Council Parks and Reserves staff controlling pest plants, and planting and maintaining native plants along the estuary margins.
  • Working with landowners, with funding support from our local authorities and the Ministry of the Environment, to retire, fence and plant stream banks and critical source areas.
  • Working with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to control mangrove spread across the estuary and into the salt marsh area at the mouth of the Uretara Stream.
  • Supporting students undertaking environmental programmes related to our estuary and catchment.

How to Help

Landowners and residents both rural and urban can get involved – volunteer to help with planting, trapping pests or removing weed species, citizen science that monitors biodiversity and water quality, or get in touch to discuss how the project could support restoration and environmental protection work on your property or in your local catchment community.

Find Out More

If you would like to get involved, please contact Brodie Davis, General Manager via email: [email protected]