Working towards Predator Free – the innovations and the basics

Predator Free 2050 aims to eradicate stoats, rats and possums. Because, collectively, these animals inflict the worst damage of all the introduced pests on New Zealand’s plants and wildlife.

To succeed, NZ is aiming at a series of milestones and supporting our progression with new tactics and inventive technologies.

Join us for two informative presentations and discussion with Dr Helen Blackie from Boffa Miskell and predator control specialist John Bissell.

Dr Helen Blackie is leading efforts to supercharge Predator Free 2050 with solutions spanning engineering, creative design, animal behaviour and toxicology. But it’s not easy with an estimated 68,000 native birds killed by introduced predators every night, costing conservation services millions. She believes that a confluence of emerging technology and a groundswell of public participation makes the goal of Predator Free 2050 achievable.

John Bissell sees himself as less of a trapper and more of a predator hunter and animal behaviourist. He believes that we need to put our knowledge of the target animal at the centre of every decision we make as trappers and then add hunt to that, to maximise our effectiveness in removing predators. John sees himself as a little bit of old world meets new tech when it comes to what he does, and believes that best practice is a good place to start, not finish. John will be talking about some of the lessons he has learned along the way and some tips and tricks that might help you ‘catch more’.

Bring your questions with you, for some open discussion as part of these presentations.

When: Wednesday 26 May, 6.30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Where: The Orchard, 20 Macloughlin Drive, Te Puke

All volunteers and interested parties welcome. To register your attendance please click on this link. A cuppa will be available.