Kaimai Tracks to be Upgraded to Protect from Kauri Dieback

DOC have announced that they will work with contractors to undertake track upgrade work in the Kaimai to protect kauri, and prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease, a soil-borne pathogen responsible for killing kauri trees.

The work will include re-routing tracks to avoid kauri trees, installing gravelled tracks, geoweb, boxed steps, fencing, boardwalks, staircases and viewing platform.

Work will be carried out on the following 10 tracks in the Kaimai:

  1. Dickey Flat Track
  2. Mangakino Pack Track
  3. Waiorongomai – Low Level Track
  4. Wharawhara Tramway Track
  5. Upper Waitawheta Track
  6. Waipapa Track
  7. Waitengaue to Upper Waitawheta Track
  8. Waitengaue Stream Track
  9. Lindemann to Cashmore Track
  10. Lindemann Loop Track

Construction is scheduled between November 2018 and March 2019 as the contractors work progressively through each track.

Work will commence on Monday 19 November on Dickey Flat Track, Mangakino Pack Track and Lindemann Loop Track. Alerts will be posted on the DOC website notifying the public of any track closure as a result of the upgrade work.

Above photo credit Claire Eastham-Farrelly. 

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