People in the forest with a pest trap

Trapping Workshop a Success!

A huge shoutout and THANKYOU to Bill and Craig from Friends of the Blade for our mini workshop today installing, operating and maintaining AT220s. There was lots of great information, hints and tips about placement, setup, maintenance, catches, the NZAutoTraps app and device retention, shared among the three BCA groups attending – Friends of the Blade, Te Whakakaha and Waihi Beach Environment Transformative Action.
Bill surprised us with a beautiful morning tea spread at the end of the morning, continuing to set the bar high for all that Friends of the Blade do.
BCA are planning a series of mini workshops to visit member group projects this year. If you are particularly keen on a place or topic, please let us know and we can help facilitate.
Photos above are of Craig explaining and Bill entering data on the app for a newly installed AT220.
One tip – set the AT220 on a slightly overhung tree so that the lure drips onto the tape and ramp.

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